My march books

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So; I read The fly fishing in Yemen – yes, because I’ve heard of the movie. And I’ve never seen the movie, and I don’t plan to see it soon, because the book was great! If you need a book up your sleeve for people who sneer at RN and you don’t feel up to defending it, and you want to recommend a good, non genre book, recommend this.


Than I’ve read a bunch of Harlan Coben mysteries. Great mysteries!!


I’ve read some awful shape shifters (remember to dedicate a post to them) but I’ve read the first part of Cristina Doods shifters and already moved on to the chosen ones, and I am liking them!


Now we are off to audio.

I’ve listened to some Lynsay Sands vampires…I am just reading them now because I’ve been with this series since the beginning and it’s not awful. It’s not as good as the first few books were, but I still mildly enjoy them.

There was Deep waters by Jayne Ann Krentz. Ok.

Than. Then there was Nice girls don’t date dead man by Molly Harper. I heard the alarm bells when I decided for this one, but decided to still give it a try. Than I remembered. I read the first book in this series and decided to NOT read her again. This is a frikking vampires chick lit series!!!!!!!!! If I haven’t said it often enough, I hate chick lit!!


It was not a bad book!! The reader gets major, major points for making this book good for me. And the writer for making something I hate – gasp – enjoyable. (even though the plot is a little too see through, and nobodys grannie is that dumb).

On the other hand, we have the audio of See Jane score. This is a book I read in paper form before and loved it! And the awful reader made me turn it of in disgust after a minute. UGHHHHHHH.


The book I am leaving to read at special occasion is, dddddddduuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, the new J.R. Ward. Just wanted to point it out, again 🙂


Two same books

Jayne Ann Krentz.

When I first started reading RN, I loved her.

But I read listened to the last two books (Copper beach and Something something Eyes), and I was not impressed at all. They had the same formula; boy meets girl, they untangle the mystery, get together in between, but don’t talk about it much; than in the last chapter, bang, they are suddenly in love and getting married.

Still, I am listening to her Arcane society series now, because I am sorely in need of audio books :/

Bad ending to a good series

I did not read all the books in The Bastian club series by Stephanie Laurens. I started years ago, and recently picked up the last 3 books. I hated the last book. (no link when trashing).

First, they talk soooooooooooo much about how the other guys in the club want to know his real name, and in the last book, that is just glossed over.

They also talk a lot about how he is obsessed with getting the traitor. Here, the reader hears a lot from the traitors side, but nothing from the formerly supposedly obsessed hero. He turns from  super spy to I-want – this-  woman -and- it’s – all – I – think – about person.

So, as good as the other two books were., this one ruined the feel of the series for me. Too bad.

Not all steampunk is romance; duh!!

I listened to Cherie Priest; Clementine and Dreadnought. It was funny how different the heroines were, young vs old, shy vs pushy…In both books the heroines were in front, in Dreadnought, there is no obvious hero at all. I should be saying protagonist, since this is not romance, but I like this better 🙂

So. It wasn’t romance, but they are good, solid books.

Hope full about contemporaries

Victoria Dahl; Good girls don’t, bad boys do, Real man will.

Didn’t like the titles, but the books were nice. Normal characters, believable dialogue, good romance.  Made me read the trilogy from the first book on! There was something about the serious brother that I couldn’t wait to read!!

And OMG! I already read her, talk me down and start me up! And thinking on it, the feel was the same, contemporary with some mystery involved! But I liked her new work better.

GB; books in 2012

So, I went through my posts of books; we all know I am awful in writing it down, but it came to about 90 (because I always forget to write down exactly how many books are in a  series, or how many I actually read or listened to.

Still, it came to about 90. Added to this the awesome, awesome Larissa Ione books (both the horseman of the apocalipse ok, they are called lords of deliverance and demonica series ), and all the breeds and psy-changeling, plus all the ones I never came around to writing about. Still, that comes to about 120. Honestly, I thought it would be more.

But, it is what it is! Maybe if I’ll be more diligent, the number will be higher 🙂

Why RN has bad rep

One of the reasons are books like Bella Andre  – Game for everything.  (not linking because I am trashing).

She hates the hero because something he did 10 years ago (they never really talk about it this time); we have alcoholic parents (not just one, three of them!), sex everywhere but in the bedroom (under the bleachers is not enough; it has to be blindfolds and dominance play; under a tree, at her parents party 10 minutes after arriving and figuring out she had crappy parents – again, not just a quicky, but a quicky with dominance (something he calls a “romp”); at a party in a sex pad at some semi strangers home…And there is a smarmy agent that we are supposed to believe he just …well, didn’t fire, even though he is really, really smart. And a boss with a vengeance plan.

And they keep telling themselves how they are not good for each other, and how they can’t trust each other…and all of that would be survivable if it would be written with any kind of depth…it’s so corny and cheap. ARGGGGGGGH.

Plus, I dislike books where the whole meet, fall in love, big argument, get together,engagement, marriage happens in a span of 3 weeks(also, there is a big hooo-haaa over how she fixed his image. By having the pictures of him attending charity events. But not in three weeks. In two!!! bruahahaha. Not.


I can stick Jo Davis and her firefighter series here too. Not as bad, but also cheesy and cliche; just a bit better cheesy and cliche. Not good; but if I have to rate, I don’t want to rate all as ” unreadable”. I read two of Bella Andre’s books, and two and a half of Jo Davis-es!! 🙂

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