A post about my beauty routine.

A post about all the makeup I bought in the last few months.

A post about the fabulous gel nails.

A post about all I’ve read.

A post about how I am finally doing my drivers licence (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

A post about how I am eagerly anticipating a certain bloggers reward, that has been moving towards me for over a month now!

A post about that I am, simply, happy.


Hope you are too!


I will be back, when I’ll be inspired, when I’ll need to pour my heart out, when I won’t be busy living life anymore. The time will come, so I will just enjoy what is going on now!




My search for the perfect moisturizer continues

This winter, I got Cristian Dior Hydra life moisturizer. Good face cream, but not worth the big big bucks you have to pay for it.

Than I bought San soucis , I chose Sunflower rich day care. I admit, I only ought it because it was on sale, because it’s on the higher end of what our drug store here carry. But I am so glad I did!! I will try this brand again, because this was a very good moisturizer! Thick but not heavy, moisturizing but quick to absorb, not irritating to my skin, no breakouts…Yey!

Now I am using Sante brand Bio -goji day cream for dry skin. I bought it when I thought the spring is coming, but it’s nowhere in sight, so it’s a little light, but it smells divine and it’s easy to apply, very light and runny.

Next on my list is a brand that comes from my country, and it has hy…xxxxyyyy thingie in it. Will try to keep you posted!


My first Hard Candy products!

The first is an eye shadow palette called Green with envy. I linked to the girl who had the similar results to my swatches. That would be that this is not a good palette.

I watched other reviews, and they had better results – but they used a primer. Now, I think an eyeshadow should be visible even without a primer, weird, right?

I will try if they work better with the one I have, but there should be a trace left on your finger when you touch it, just sayin’.

I “ordered” another palette, but the girl shopping for me is not a make up lover like me, so she just grabbed what looked I would like and ran away from all the choices. Not happy with it, but she got two out of three on list right (the list had 8 things on it 🙂 ) and she got it for me, so I can’t complain!!

The second one is a bronzer/highlighter in Tiki. I put it on the list because Emily recommended it. And guess what? It’s great!! I still need to play with it a little, to figure out the best way for me to apply it, finger or brush.

Beauty Autumn/winter by GB

Nails! My September was full of fun with my nails. I painted each one a different color. I did similar colors, and I made as rainbow-y as possible. I painted one had with one color, one with another. When I knew I’ll have to use my hands a lot, I pained them all the same. BUT because they are so long now, they have to be painted at all times. They need all the support they can get, and because it takes them ages to get to this point, they are discolored by now. Every nail different, one hand one color,the other another…

Right now, I have green on one and red on the other, with one (different) accent nail of the other color on each hand. And some are covered in sparkles, and some not. Before, I went weeks with just clear nail polish.

Bun maker – H& M for 4 euros. I LOVE it!! I love how the bun makes me feel like, and I wore it the other day to a performance, and while siting, I met  a friend, and I wasn’t recognised 😉 He never saw me with nice teeth and then glamorous hair, it felt good. I would like to add that a very good trick is to make  a few trial runs before you do it. Try to find a hair elastic that will secure the hair after you have the bun on – so when you start putting in pins, it stays in place. But it has to be just the right size, if it’s too lose, it won’t hold.

Hair elastic with a ring, you clasp the ring around the ponytail and make it look more glamorous 🙂

UBU Bronze bombshell – bronze and shimmer brush. AWESOME. And now they have a “wash me first” label on the packaging. It makes me feel like I know where to put bronzer on and not look completely stupid wearing it.

Revlon eyeshadow quad – Colorstay 16, steel impressions (beige, gray, green, sparkling black). The first two don’t really suit me, I tried to wear the grey/steely one but I guess I still have to find a shade that works with my coloring.

Sleek 2012 glory palette – my first online shopping!!!!! From my country, and it was a sale 🙂 I am so happy with the palette I chose, it’s my first ever Sleek palette, and it has both worlds – it has a neutrals row, and a colorful row. So it’s very usable! I haven’t tried all the shadows yet, but they are famous for they quality, so I have no fear.

Avon – color trend eyeshadow duo in sunburst  – now see, this colors suit me wonderful!the beige is so warm, I use it as a highlighter in my brow bone.

Alverde (natural cosmetic by DM) – Creme blush in 04, pink rose. ((video in german, she starts talking about ut at 5.46 – and she doesn’t like it; I am the opposite 🙂 ) Also, another thing I got because it was on sale. But I love it! I only use it on the apples of my chicks, and it’s easy to work with, I don’t look like a clown, and it’s blendable, so I only tap around some more and it looks dewy and pink. Good! The lady in the video says it sparkles – well, mine doesn’t. At all. And she says the brush doesn’t pick it up, but I never used it with a brush, only my finger. And yes, it is hard, but I find that it makes me control how much I pick up on my finger; it gets warmer with body heat and than transfers nicely.

Essence I love stage eyeshadow base – I got it because it’s dirt cheap and Anna talks about it all the time. I haven’t use it all that much, but I am happy with it thus far! I was surprised to see it’s colored, somehow I thought a base would be clear – but when i think of it, some people have very dark lids, and they use primers to also even out the colors, not just for staying power. It was like a light bulb moment 😉

Sleek Luminous pressed powder in LPP 01. Not so happy with this one. I need to look at  a couple of tutorials on you tube to see if I am doing something wrong, bu I tried the sponge and the kabuki brush, and am not luminous at all. It makes my skin feel dry, but after reading reviews, it looks like I am the only person in the world not seeing the sparkle and to say it’s drying.

I also have two new Avon lipsticks; the glazewear in peach silk – it smells wonderful it glides nicely, but it’s watery and I gave it to my  mom  – she treats it as a tinted balm. The other I can’t find right now so I don’t know the name; it looks purple, but it’s more pinkish in real life and  on the pictures. It’s also a bit too sparkly. But even though it’s not a long wear product, it does stay for awhile, and the color is strong.

I also got super duper ohlala fancy Cristian Dior hydra life moisturizer for my birthday, but I am waiting to use up my previous one (I would get 10 of this for one CD!) before I start using it…I am thinking to use it only at nice, because it’s so expensive, and the skin regenerates itself in the night and all that, so I guess its best to offer it the best…I hope it will suit me, it would be really funny if it wouldn’t !! Sad, not funny. But funny too.

Whew! I know I have more, because I am in the drugstore weekly, but this is the most important stuff (and all I can remember right now 🙂

Another hair growth miracle tried and failed – MSM powder

I have been taking MSM powder for 4 weeks now. Every morning, one tea spoon, and last week, in the evening, too. I have been taking it with vitamin C (not always), because that supposedly help it work.


Now, you get most info by going through a couple of pages that explain this better, but basics; it’s natural, you can’t overdose because your body only uses the amount it needs. It helps with allergies, joints, and most importantly for me, hair and nails. Absolutely no difference in quickness of nail growth, I can’t say if the quality has improved as of yet.

My hair was in series shedding stage, and that got better – for about 30 %.

It’s bitter, but it leaves no aftertaste, so once you swallow it, and take another drink, none of it stays in your mouth – very good!


So, I can’t really say much yet; it’s no bother to take, but unfortunately, I don’t see it doing  any miracles on my oh-so-slow growing nails and hair. I will finish this bag, and probably won’t buy another (this was a gift).

I am not sorry I tried it, because it does help with my hair a little, and honestly, I believe it helped with my digestion, and I am always happy with help in that department 🙂

Won!! Package is coming my way!

I have never entered a give – away before. I was always shy, my thoughts along “If I don’t do them, I can’t participate. Or “”Oh, just desperate teenagers that always add “”I love you, please follow me please follow me” participate”.

But you know, I decided that I can leat try. It was on Anna’s blog, and I saw the post first day. And I started thinking – she asked for one idea for a post and for tutorial. I immediately had the idea for the post – mistakes people(well, women) make when apply make up. Ia m talking nothing but a water line+ black eyeliner. I think it’s my pet peeve one. More than too much foundation. Or my mom, with her one shade of green eyeliner. Yes. She will not be persuaded to not do it. And she is fair, with no lashes to speak of. At least she gets her eyebrows darkened.

The next one, a tutorial, took me ages to figure out. I like watching them, but because I have no eye for art, I can’t really repeat them, I just takes ideas and do what I can with them. So i thought about what I really do, and get ideas for that.

I mix colors a lot, but always in coordination with my clothes. But also, I like to use one color and use different shades of it – also in coordination with my clothing. So i asked for one color tutorial.

I jumped in at the last-minute, thank god my internet was working that night – because I won second place! And she already wrote about my topic, it’s the first post right now!


So, the lesson – you can’t win if you don’t try. So I’ll try if I’ll see them!

Summer haul

Kiko face make up fixer spray; can’t find an internet proof this product exists. This is as close as I come to having  a MAC fix+.

Kiko nail polish 238 (?). Normal bright red. When  applied only one coat, it started chipping the next day, applied one more and it lasted for days, without the top coat.

Kiko Long lasting stick eyeshadow, 8 hour no-transfer performance; 07  golden beige. I like it as a base or just for the corners of my eyes. It comes in a stick and it’s a little thick to use for certain places, so it’s a little tricky, but I like the shade, it goes well with my skin tone, I think.

Pixiwoo/ Real techniques brushes; a friend brought them for me from the Uk 🙂 I asked for, what else, a starter set. I admit that I haven’t done a real look with them yet, I tried doing a crease a few times, but always in a hurry – I really have to sit down, open a few you tube videos, and practice!

Suncreen Sundance (dm) 20(medium); face sunscreen. I got it because Anna sang it praises. I am not that impressed- -but she has spf 30 and I chose spf 20, maybe that is different…

Alverde mineral concealer anti-rotung (anti redness). It’s greenish and it helps me with the two broken capillaries I have.

Alverde mineral rouge; 10 romantic coral; a lot shiny particles, too much for me…Otherwise, a strong color.

Essence quatro eyeshadow in 01, chiao bella! For some reason they don’t have it on their web site – yes, its’ probably an older product, but still…I found it here. Anyhow, it’s basic light- light brown; the first light is clashing with my skin tone, the second one  is perfect. the last one is not nearly as dark as it looks here…

L’oreal infaillible  021 sahara treasure. (I swear it is spelt that way on my pot. )

The new Avon shampoo and moisturizer; maroccan argain oil shampoo and Solutions: hydra beyond extra hydrating cream. Interesting, it says here that it’s a night creme, but it doesn’t say so on my pot. It just say hydrating cream. I wondered why there is no SPF…(But it doesn’t say anything about SPF on the gel cream, either…) Th cream is fine, but I hate one thing – it makes my eyes sting. As in, my eyes tear up even if I don’t go over my eyes with it! That is bad, bad, bad. It sinks in the skin soon, the smell is gentle, it’s hydrating enough for me, not greasy at all…If only it wouldn’t sting my eyes!!

Avon super drama mascara. Awesome!!

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