New shows to watch!

could also be titled: “whaaaaaaaaat, there is project runway Australia, too????”


Counting the hours…It’s been long two weeks.

The day after tomorrow. And I’ll have my (undeserved) freedom again.


I am prepared. I’ll watch Project runway & co, I’ll read, I’ll drink my tea, I’ll massage my nails :)…


Can’t wait.

Gb and the emmys

The nominations came out yesterday, I am very happy that Friday night lights got so much love, and I agree that Community & Sons of Anarchy were left out. I find this interesting to know!

Everything else can be found on all main news channels, so I won’t go into it.

Will he do it??

So, what do you say, will Djokovic do it today??

I am totally rooting for him!!


Update; He did not.

Football fun

Last night was great.

Guardiola vs Mourinho.

Ronaldo vs Messi.

Cassilas vs Valdes.

A goal vs empty net.(Ok, they scored, too bad it was a offside. )

Imho, Cassilas was the hero of the game. He cooled down very, very hot heads, and he made great saves. And this was his first time that he won a spanish cup – ok, it really was his night:)

I like to root for the underdog, and since I am no expert, but my brother sort of is, and he said Real was the underdog, I am happy they won.

I changed my mind. The hero was the referee. He had to listen to so many complains, he was crowded the whole time, the first riot broke out in the 3rd minute of the game, and he looked composed and collected like nothing is happening around him.

LOL moment – afterwards they dropped the cup and it fell off the bus. the driver saved it, but still. Come on.

I have to say  one more thing about the boys; they looked goooood. Xavi Alonso,  Pique, pretty boys; Ronaldo is just beautiful, greek gods style, Casillas is sexy, and Mourinho, man, he oozes the charm. And you can say what you want about him, his ego, his self assurance….But he knows how to win. He has won a cup every year since 2003. You oughta respect that!










Two weeks ago, House dumped Caddy and god married. Than he went back on the pills.

Last week, he bailed Thirteen out of jail.

So, What Will House Do tomorrow??  (Ok, it’s today for most of you, for us europeans will be known tomorrow morning, when we find it online!! ) I can not wait!!! That is why I’ll go to bed early, read some Suzanne Enoch and sleep, so I’ll see what he got himself into this time.

I’ve just seen the first eight episodes of Chicago code this weekend, and I just noticed I’ll be able to see#9 tomorrow. Yeah.


 – My elastics are working good. I still feel like I’ve put it on wrong because they are in different position than before, but I am getting used to it.

 – It’s been over a month since my haircut, and I think I need to go again, they have grown and with short hair, you need regular updates. Maybe tomorrow.

 – I’m going to a bachelorette party on saturday!

-I run out of my “winter” moisturizer, so I switched back to my “autumn/spring” one, turned out it was not such a bright idea. I totally broke out overnight. So I bought Garnier essentials replenishing day care. It’s for dry skin(that i have) , doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, and it’s not gel(I already established by now that I do not like gel moisturizer. I do have another theory, though. I have started taking my B complex vitamins again, and even though vitamin B is supposed to be good for the skin, I don’t think it is for me. I’ll go off them for a few weeks and see what happens. (One of the components is biotin, and that is supposedly super good for skin and nails, just not for me, I guess.

– I epilated(?? What is the word? I used an epilator, so…I epilated? ) //Oh dear, it can also be called depilator. What is the difference? //my legs today. Hate shaving. Will take wax or using an epilator any day over a razor.

– Is it very wrong to buy my mom a birthday gift that costs only 10€?

– I was thinking, since I only have about two more months in braces, I need to start getting through my supplies of orthodontic equipment or I’ll be left with a bunch of stuff to use on braces and – no braces!

– My current tv obsession is Masterchef Australia (I don’t want to find a link to it, because I just might glimpse who won. And I don’t want to know? It’s Chris, right? I am at a point where Poh left. Also Stargate Universe.

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